Saturday, September 19, 2009

Little Gifts

These two little gifts were made last week. One for a lovely friend and the other may be for my Stitchers Angel. Depends what else I make as the projects are all so sweet. (I have combined a 2008 pattern from Lynette Anderson with the current one from Helen Stubbings).

Another sewing mat. This one now belongs to Julia who was the lucky winner of my 2 year anniversary back in July. I also popped a couple gifties in the pockets.

Are you making a sewing mat for Jenny's September challenge? I'm a month behind as I hope to get a sewing machine cover finished by the end of the month.

Don't forget to click on the link and visit Among The Gum Trees if you haven't done so already. There's a real buzz in the tree tops.


clare's craftroom said...

Oh all those lovely things !

maisy and the boys said...

Your scissor holders are just beautiful Narelle. Great job!
Love your latest sewing mat too.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful scissor holders, They are so delicate looking. Hugs xxx

Joy said...

Oh I love your little rosy scissor holders!! I was lucky enough to get one from my 'Angel' in last year's swap so I know whoever receives yours is going to be chuffed to bits :o)!!
Joy :o)

The Patch Craft said...

They are beautiful. Just my colours. I don't have enough hours in the day too. I am hoping to finish my mats soon.

Julia said...

I love my mat Narelle..I'll use it under my Elna Lotus at sewing days..Thank you..
Gorgeous scissor fobs!
Julia ♥

Myra said...

Darling little Scissor Holders Narelle, and a wonderful Machine Mat! 8-)

Narelle's angel said...

Lovely Narelle. I am also working on my little Angel presents to send you some time... But shhh I won't tell you more!
Your secret angel

Anonymous said...

Hello Narelle! The scissor holders you made are just beautiful! You are SO talented! Maybe when I grow up I can learn to sew like you!LOL!
Are those cute scissors typical Australian? Or specially used for embroidery/sewing projects? We do not have them here in Mexico so I am wondering if there is a reason for their shape, etc.
As always, it is a pleasure to be able to stop by for a visit and drool over your incredibly beautiful projects.

Very peaceful - since today is international peace day - regards from Mexico ~

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