Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Pay It Forward Friends

I'm tickled pink that Nancy has joined my PIF. I still have openings if anyone else would like to play along.

My Spring Quilt is coming along nicely. The border is on, just have to finish handsewing it down and then some embelishing. Here's a sneak peak. (Sorry about the shadow)

I spent the weekend in the sewing room which also happens to be the dumping room for anything else that doesn't have a home. Great progress was made with a good load for the real dump, and other things finally finding homes. I also purchased this bookshelf and six containers.

As you might be able to see, one has leftover wool and the other five are ready and waiting to be filled. That won't be a problem. I intend to purchase another bookshelf this week before they run out. It feels so good to get things tidy but keeping it that way is another challenge.

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