Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fabric Postcards and 200th Giveaway

I may be getting close to my 100th post but Myra is reaching her 200th and is holding a giveaway to celebrate the occasion. Click on either link and pay her a visit to say hi.

My postcard is on it's way to it's new home. Funny to think we can pop a piece of fabric in the mail and off it goes just like a letter. I wished it well on it's journey. They are to reach their destinations by the end of each month so I should find another in my mail box very soon.

Can you believe, I think I might have RSI in my right shoulder from all that mouse controlling while reading everyone's blogs. It ached like crazy last night. I'm now teaching my left hand to control the mouse, not going too bad either, LOL.

DD will be home shortly for Uni holidays and DS is taking a weeks annual leave to lend a hand on the property so our home will be back to 'the old days' for a week or so. Looking forward to it! She might even get to finish one of her WIP's.

I was wondering when does a WIP become a WIP so I'm adding an extra list to my sidebar of projects I have the fabric and pattern for, "Ready and Waiting" to begin. More for my own memories sake really. If I can see them in print, I might get a wriggle on and finish some more WIP's so I can start some new projects.

I'm still making slow progress on my queen bed quilt for Finn's New Year's Eve Challenge. Another small wall hanging just needs about 2o inches of hand stitching the binding and it's finished.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend and

Quilting Wishes


On my Verandah.. said...

Love your Postcard Narelle I know what you mean wth the shoulders..anti-inflammatory gel works a treat..hope you have a nice time with the Kids while there home.

chook said...

your postcard is sweet
I like them but have never made one
I will add it to my ever growing list
I hope the weather is kind to you for the time the kids are home
hugs Beth

cpullum said...

Wow these are so creative!!! never would of thought of Fabric Postcards!


Scottish Nanna said...

Love your Postcard It is Gorgeous. Glad your kids are home you miss them when they are away.
Hugs Mary.

MYRA said...

Hi Narelle! 8-)

Thanks for entering my giveaway and posting about it! You have 4 chances to win! Good luck!

Lovely postcard! Never tried making one before...need to find a tutorial about it. 8-)

Sore shoulder from mouse play...I am there with you... every night! 8-)

A WIP is something you are in the process of working on in the here and now at any stage of it's making. If it ends up on the "back burner" it becomes a UFO...

Great to hear you are a busy-bee for Finn's Challenge also!

Happy stitchings!

Mam said...

Narelle, I just received my PIF gift and am so very thrilled with it! It's a wonderful idea and the sewing is impeccable. I love the colors and fabrics and I feel so blessed to have received this wonderful surprise all the way from "Down Under". I will be posting photos on my blog soon!

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