Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It's a Quilt Marathon

Niki is holding a Last Push Quilt-a-thon on Saturday the 13th of December. Here's an opportunity to get some of those last minute or almost finished things completed. For more information click on Niki's graphic on my sidebar.

I'm not looking to good for Finn's New Years Eve Challenge at the moment so this might help me along. Now if I can only arrange to have the day all to myself?

Here's a pic of my last postcard I made for November. The theme was applique.

I'm off to have a coffee so I can make it through the remainder of the day.

Quilting Wishes

PS: I've also taken the plunge and purchased some red fabrics this week (I don't have much of a stash) and am looking forwarding to making a start on 'Red Delicious'. I just can't help myself.

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Margaret aka Supermom said...

Hi...Wanted to be sure you were aware that I have another round of the 4 Seasons Quilt Swap in the signup process. It won't start until after the new year. More info is at


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