Saturday, February 28, 2009

Under the Sea

I'm a little bit behind but it's still February for another 8 and 1/2 hours so here is my postcard for 'Under the Sea'. I found just the right blue background fabric that to me looked like it has a great piece of coral already there. Swim little fishies. They and the green coral are hand appliqued and then I backstitched water with a blue metalic thread.

This is the postcard I received in yesterday's mail. Aren't those little turtles just the cutest. I think you call it couching and it's done with a gold metalic thread over wool with blue metalic thread for the water.
Back to the cutting mat for my next project.
Happy Sewing


clare said...

Lovely colours . Keep working still 1 1/2 hours till March .
clares craftroom

Anonymous said...

Lovely postcard... I love the sea. xxx

sMC said...

oh my next ufo to finish is just like the first fishy postcard.
btw spelling just shrug your shoulders I have found and read that if the first letter and the last are right then people just know what the word is. oh boy the mistakes I make lol.

holly said...

What beautiful fabric postcards. I belong to a group called Posty Pals. We send fabric postcards to each other each month. it is so much fun. Thanks for visiting my site. I will be back to yours.

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