Saturday, March 21, 2009

Back with Photos

Everything is back to normal, in the computer department anyway. All it needed was a good clean on the insides apparently so hope it's all good from here on.

So now I can upload pics from the camera again, here is the lovely Autumn Wall Hanging I received from Janey.

In her parcel she included some sweet fabrics . . .

some sweet chickens - marshmellow, yummm . . .

a sweet kitty notepad and a copy of American Patchwork & Quilting. Of course I've already picked out a couple of patterns from the magazine to add to my to do list.
Thankyou Janey for a wonderful treat and thankyou to Margaret for once again organizing an excellent swap.
And here is a finish from me. This log cabin quilt was finished last Saturday but between sick computers and a hectic lifestyle at the moment, I've only now got the time to show it off.

Now off to the sewing machine while I have a spare moment.
Happy Sewing


The Faerie Queen said...

How sweet, lovely gifts, and the quilt is just beautiful. I am still learning, and cant wait to get to grips with what I call "the harder bits". maybe some day soon, I too can complete a more complicated design like those log cabins. Just need to practice more. lol. xxx

Maree said...

Great Goodies you got there...Love your Log Cabin Quilt...the White really makes it stand out...

Joy said...

Gorgeous gifties ... love the chickens ;o).
Your log cabin quilt is fabulous, the white in it is striking.

Kristie said...

Those are both very beautiful! Love the fabrics!

ozjane said...

Oh I love that log cabin quilt.
I must I must make one. The white is so wonderfully white.
Do you recall what fabric it was?

Thanks for visiting my blog...
not sure if you entered the giveaway or not.....please do if not as silly moi said I wanted 60 for 600.
I love finding new blogs.
I noticed you in my followers. It is 2.30 am and all silly people who had migraines during the day should be asleep but I am just catching up on emails and a quick visit to my blog.

ozjane said...

Well now I know that white is decieving the actual fabric though
Did you use ruled lines?
They are so lovely and straight.

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