Monday, October 19, 2009

Trying New Things

Having a quick hop around blogland this morning, I came across a 'new to me' widget on Kristie's blog.

If you look down my sidebar your will see 'Visits from my Friends' by the blogfrog. I'm just dipping my toe in the water here and would love to invite you to show up here.

My thought is that it's one more way of spreading the wonderful friendships that exist among bloggers. I would also appreciate your thoughts.


Myra said...

Interesting Narelle... I shall watch this blogfrog for a while...

Robyn said...

Hi Narelle,
I kinda like this one. I have it on my blog too and I look there first to see who's been visiting :D
Have fun!

aubirdwoman said...

must admit I like comments to be left, and haven't really given much thought to who just visits. I would rather they leave me a comment. But will watch and see.

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