Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August OPAM Sqeeze

Just sqeeeeezing in another finish for August. My eyes got too tired last night and by the feel of the wool there were only a few more rows to go so I quickly finished them off this morning before rushing out the door to work.

Above is the perfect model .... below is not so perfect but ever adorable.

One Flower Wednesday tomorrow and I have my 'gardening tools' ready.


Jeni said...

nice colours also
will keep you warm next year

Jeni said...

nice colours also
will keep you warm next year

Saskia said...

Great scarf! and i'm working on my flower too..

marina said...

Another Great scarf. I am sure you will still have opportunities to wear it judging by our weather at the moment. i think your model looks quite content with it.
Your other model is just purrfect!

Scottish Nanna said...

Great scarf you are getting good at it now Do you crochet as well?
Hugs Mary.

orchidlover said...

Another great scarf. thanks for the info on the wool. I've made a note so I can search for it when I'm out and about.
Love the model by the way

Love and hugs Gina xxx

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