Sunday, December 5, 2010

Just a Couple of Things ... Quickly

Yes ... it's chocolate and it's keeping me going at the moment ... chocolate and caffiene!

Soon I will be able to take some 'time out', sit down and relax for a bit but until then I will make the most of a quiet morning and catch up with some blogs.
My good friend Kerry alerted me to In Stitches and their Holly Jolly Blog Bingo. There's not much time left to join in so click below to find out more.

This year I went for my PhD but don't think I quite made it so I'm hoping for a better result next year. Visit Myra's blog to find out how you too can achieve a PhD. I've set myself with 3 projects.

Sadly I struggled with Colourful Friday this week as 'Teal' had me stumped and time had me beat ... sorry :( Better pull my socks up and get crackin' as there's another busy week ahead.
Can't remember when we've had a full day of sunshine either so the washing is once again strung out on the verandah and we just won't mention the word housework.
Hope your weekend is what you want it to be.


Maree: said...

I'm a Choccie & Coffee Girl Too..they go hand in hand Naturally..LOL.
Raining here on the GC...

marina said...

We have been having heaps of rain too and when the sun comes out the humidity rises. Yuk!
Hold on, it won't be long....the holidays are coming. They are so close I can smell them!
Crafting has been at a minimum here too due to the start of the silly season.

Valentina said...

oh Narelle, I so share the sentiment! But the wonderful thing is that things somehow get done, right?
Sending you loads of love and best wishes for the season!

Myra said...

Sounds like you are experiencing a whirlwind in your life right now... Remember to sit with a cup of tea every so often... 8-)
Thanks for the plug on my PhD Challenge Narelle! 8-)
Housework? What is that!?! lol! 8-)

Bev C said...

Hello Narelle,

Enjoy that chocolate, take one day at a time and it will all come together.
happy days.

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