Thursday, March 3, 2011

UFO Thursday

My craft cupboard is full and tidy once more. I've kept the new found UFO's out of the cupboard in the hope that the UFO Fairy might make an appearance.

Bead Work
(an Angel in progress)

Chicken Scratch
(needs the remaining white stitches completed)

Chicken Scratch
(just needs sewing into a pot holder)

Counted Threadwork
(maybe half done?)

(close up of stitches)

Patchwork Peg Bag
(just needs the end bindings and buttons)
Shadow Applique
(needs basting threads and then stem stitch edges of fabric)
So now I have a few more UFO's to work on. :o)


Jeanette said...

If the UFO fairy turns up can you send them my way when it's finished your UFO's please. :) Love the chicken scratch pussy cat. Happy Stitching.

marina said...

Wow you are having a cleanout!
I love the cat, how do you get that effect?

Jessica said...

You have tried your hand at a few different things, the threadwork looks beautiful!

Red Heads said...

Love all your projects. I really like the mauve chichen scratch . A busy lady. Enjoy your day. Blessings:DiNNE.

BubzRugz said...

I always loved the story of the shoemaker and the elves came at night and finished them off...

Anonymous said...

Hi Nell, Look at all those UFO's! *grin* I bet it was fun rediscovering your projects. I like the peg bag. I always loved that little country girl. Thanks for playing along with UFO Thursday, Nell. Have a wonderful weekend.

Maricarmen said...

I love all your unfinished works...They are lovely and amazing. ¡Die for your cat!

Myra said...

Wonderful UFO projects Narelle!!! You'll have them finished up in no time!!! wink! 8-)

Saskia said...

Did she? turned up, and finished your ufo's ? There all too nice to keep them sitting there as an UFO, so hopefully you can finish them.

Anonymous said...

Narelle you have many talents i will look forward to seeing the finished items on here,well done lovely work.

Mistea said...

Lots of fun things there to keep the UFO fairy amused for a while.
Good to see someone else who has UFO's in lots of different Genre.
Enjoy - don't forget chocolates for the fairies.

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