Thursday, May 26, 2011

UFO Thursday

Yay! Finally I have some progress on a UFO to share.

A certain log cabin quilt should have been on my bed 12 months ago and now here we are on the threshold of winter and still it remains in pieces. So I have committed myself to the month of June being log cabin month starting today.

This morning there were 18 pairs (like this photo) layed out on the spare bed.

Next step is to join 3 pairs into a group of 6. Below is a photo of the 1st group and the 2nd is almost finished.

Thankyou to our lovely host Sandy for UFO Thursday. I've missed quite a few Thursday's and hope today is the start of many for me. Sandy at Cookies and Cream Craft has a link for more UFO progress you might like to check out.


marina said...

those blocks are just too lovely to not join up into a quilt!
Here's to ufo thursday.

Maricarmen said...

Your quilt look very beutifull. Love your fabrics...111

Kristie said...

Wow! I love those blocks! I made a log cabin quilt last year and it is my favorite. The blocks are very addicting! Can't wait to see more of it.

Marg H said...

Stunning. Love log cabin quilts. It was the first quilt I ever made and I still enjoy making them. So many combinations! Look forward to seeing more.

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