Thursday, June 2, 2011

UFO Thursday

It's such a good feeling to have worked on a UFO. Since last Thursday I have continued to join pairs into 6's and have 4 groups now done and the backs pinned ready for hand stitching. Edited Thursday evening 7.30pm ... I now have 5 groups done ... 1 to go :)

My procrastination skills are excellent so I need all the motivation I can get ... thankyou to Sandy for UFO Thursdays.

While visiting around in blogland I've noticed that I am not always able to leave a comment so if you haven't heard from me lately it's for this reason. Pop up comment boxes don't seem to be a problem.


Jody Herbert said...

Looking good! It is a great feeling to work on these UFO's - well done.

Shari said...

This is looking great!

I haven't always been able to leave comments either - don't think blogger can keep up with the quilty ladies!

Francien said...

It was a problem with the comments...but i hope its allright now..i keep trying..i have changed to pop-up box for comments so i hope you will be there in future too...
I just love your log cabin blocks, the colors and the fabrics are just awesome...and your pictures of the sunsets are stunning..the second one would be great quilt colors..
greetings Francien.

Wendy B said...

Love log cabins AND brown tones.....I think you're on a winner Narelle!!!!! (and it's a UFO...woohoo!!!!! Cant wait to see it on SIF!)
I had problems with comments took me back to the google sign in all the time....heard on the blogvine that if you 'untick' the 'keep me signed in' box, it works fine....I tried it and it did. Hope this works for you too!
sugary hugs dear friend
XX Wendy :O)

Cybele's patch said...

Friday has not yet really started here. It only 00.28 hours but you already brightened my day with your lovely flowers.

Hakkinda Bilgi said...

Thanks for this nice and sympathetic blog... :)

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