Sunday, February 24, 2008

Time Flies

First it rains so much that the creeks flood and I can't get to work. Then the last few days have been soooooooo hot. Meanwhile time has flown so fast, I can't believe almost two months of 2008 have gone by.

Hubby and I got home late this afternoon from an 800km round trip in 36 hours, taking daughter back to Uni. She didn't really need us there, being the independant young woman that she is, so I guess it was me who needed to be there. And it was nice to get away even if only for the weekend. Now I have a zillion jobs around the house to do tomorrow so sewing once again gets put on the back burner.

I have managed to baste the 4 and 9 patch floral and will be machine quilting it on Friday when I get to our patchwork day. I keep thinking that I will be able to get into a routine shortly, but now I'm beginning to wonder if my routine is having no routine at all.

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