Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Giveaways and Fabric Buys

I'm meeting wonderful new people all the time in blogland. If you visit Marit here and Candace here, you can leave a comment to take part in their giveaways.

And some pics of fat quarters I purchased recently. I'm breaking away from my earthy, pastel colours I think.
The bottom two are 30cm cuts to add to these for DH's quilt. Another on my 'to do' list with the deadline for this one now for next winter.

It's a cold, windy day today and my back is out again so I'm off to lay down on the lounge (too much sitting is no good) in front of the heater. I'm currently reading Jennifer Chiaverini's "The Master Quilter" so I'll finish that off while keeping an eye on the olympics on TV.
Quilting Wishes


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Narelle your fabrics are just all so lovely....

On my Verandah. said...

Nice choice of Fabrics Narelle,hope your back is feeling better soon nothing worse.

Gina said...

Beautiful fabrics

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Kristie said...

Love the new fabrics!!! Funny, I did that once and tried to break away from my usual colors and I actually ended up with one of the fabrics that you have there....the second from the left in the first photo!

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