Sunday, August 3, 2008

Giveaways and Goodies

I had a wonderful, if too short, time at the Quilt Show and managed a couple of purchases. My computer is playing up and I can't upload from the camera so pics will have to wait.

Here are some wonderful ladies who are having giveaways so pay a visit and check them out.

My beautiful daughter popped home (9 hour round trip) for the weekend to attend one of her best friend's 21st. A beautiful young woman and a lovely night for all. So this afternoon she was a little bored and declared "I'll do some cooking". A while later we have 2 chocolate cakes, 2 trays of chocolate slice and a batch of mocha cookies. Yummmm! With some in the freezer that should tied us over for a bit. She heads back early in the morning.

I'd like to finish with a picture of my step-father-in-law's prize orchid from May this year.

Quilting Wishes


Jo Jo said...

Wow the orchid colour is gorgeous!! Very pretty indeed. Lucky you with all those yummy cakes...yum!! Jo x

Gina said...

What a beautiful Orchid

Love and hugs gina xxx

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