Monday, June 14, 2010

Circle of Friends and My First PhD

Along the blogging path, we are able to make many new and wonderful friendships. Miche'le of By Hoki Quilts is one such blogging friend. Miche'le says "If you too feel that we all belong to a huge circle of friends why not copy this button and post it in your side bar"... so that's what I am doing.

Waaaay back in January, my blogging friend Myra of Tactile Pleasures set the challenge to complete some PhD's by June 30 (Projects Half Done) and I put myself down for 3.

Now with only days to go until the deadline ... I would like to share my first PhD. (the pale blue is the bedspread underneath)

'Pond Play' is now a finished flimsy to be stored away until such time as the quilting bug comes calling. Quickly onto PhD number 2.

My aim is to get all my projects that are laying around in pieces up to being finished tops by year's end.


marina said...

Well done on your finishes, still plenty of time to finish some more?
My 'puter playing up and not showing the photos. Will keep trying I just have to see the blue one.

Cybele's patch said...

Congratulations on your finished top. PhD sounds a bit like a medical title ;-) but apparently it helps. Very wise to try and finish all your hidden treasures this year!

Myra said...

Tis a wonderful quilt top Narelle! Love your fabrics!
I have the pattern book and fabrics set aside to day... 8-)

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