Friday, October 8, 2010

Colourful Fridays ~ Blue

Well here it is BLUE Friday and of course I'm having trouble uploading ALL the photos.This is half. Hopefully through the day I can get to share the other half.
I'm left wondering ... are there so many blue things around my home because blue is my favourite colour or ... is blue my favourite colour because I am surrounded by it?
I didn't even start on the clothing.

Hope you're having fun with blue. I'll be around to visit soon.


Robyn G. said...

Happy Blue Friday Narelle :-)
Love love love your pics...the ones you've added so far.
It's a wonder isn't it? There is plenty of blue around here too and I didn't realise :O

I think if we love a particular colour, then perhaps we lean more that way and as you say surround ourselves with it.
Not sure about tractors or cars though, unless you've trained hubby well ;) *grin*
Have a fantastic Friday and thanks for making mine 'blue-er' in a good way!!!

Annette said...

Bluuuueeeee Love what you've put up so far. Oh the joys of computers and uploading photos. My internet is on a go slow today, maybe he's feeling blue too:-)

Bev C said...

Hello Naralle,

Happy Colourful Friday to you. Love your collection of blue. Especially that little quilt near the end of the photo's. Blue is one of favourite colours to.
Happy days.

marina said...

Funny you mention your blue issue- what came first the chicken or the egg?
Blue is my favourite colour and I seem surrounded by it too.

Christine said...

happy blue Friday...sharing blue pictures is fun!!

Notjustnat said...

I hopped over here from Robin to visit all the blue Friday blogs. Great post. I can see you have already been making blue flower Wednesday. Goes well with the other blues - Hugs Nat

Notjustnat said...
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Cheryll said...

And what beautiful blue things to be surrounded by....

fairchildstreet said...

Blue is a great colour to have around the house as it is very soothing. Charmaine

Sheila said...

A great display of blues , it is amazing how many you can find if you go looking , love the little quilt with the spinning pinwheels !

Cisca said...

What wonderful blue colors you have in your home! I love the turkoise in it. The little pinwheel quilt is gorgeous and your blue hexaflower is lovely!
Happy stitching, Cisca

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