Sunday, January 6, 2008

A Tidy Start

A Happy and Healthy New Year to you all.

2008 has had a very windy start with the low off the east coast. I'm afraid I don't cope well in windy weather and can get quite cranky. So to ward off the grumps, I have kept myself busy in the sewing room. Pressing and cutting my way through my box of fabric bits and pieces until I now have tidy piles of squares and strips in various sizes. I also have a couple of ideas now on paper as to the use of atleast half and can't wait to get started.

Our New Year celebrations were very quiet. Everyone else in the family was too tired from work to stay up with me so we all just went to bed with the idea of getting up again at 11.30 ready to watch the fireworks on TV. Except when time came we were much too comfortable in our beds listening to the wind and rain outside. We did here the roar at midnight from the tavern down the road and some neighbours cheering in the New Year so our thoughts were in it.
Now the low has moved on and left us with hot sticky storm weather. We had a storm last night, another today about noon and it's building up for another one.
Maybe I'll get a start on those scrappy quilts tomorrow.

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Brenda said...

This looks exceptionally neat and organised. No wonder I don't show many pictures of my workspace! (PS: Thanks for adding me to your blog listing.)

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