Saturday, January 10, 2009

Back From Shopping

Hi, I'm back from our shopping trip and don't know where to start. We had the most wonderful two days of fabric shops and great company with plenty to show for it.

Once I get caught up with the household chores, I'll unpack, take some photos and get back to posting. I just had to check emails and a couple of blogs while waiting for the next load of washing.

Don't forget I'm participating in a PIF so if you've been thinking about joining one, I'd love to send you a gift handmade by me. Please leave a comment and check my earlier post for the rules.

Happy Sewing


Mt Perry Quilters said...

Ditto for the rest of us.
When are we going again?

Vivien said...


I would love to be part of this swap for Easter. would you please be able to tell me how I get the bunny to be on my blog? I still have not got the PIF logo there either and would love to know how to do this. Hope you can help me.

Have an awesome day,

Regards, Viv

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