Monday, January 5, 2009

PIF, Cutting Strips and Shopping

Firstly I'd like to thank Vivien for joining in on the PIF fun. You might like to pay her a visit and check out her lovely Christmas Quilt.

As for cutting strips, I spent yesterday doing exactly that. I finally made a start to the Log Cabin for my brother's quilt. All fabric is cut into long strips and the backing and wadding is squared and waiting. Hope I can make a start on actually sewing tomorrow.

Then I'm off for a couple days R & R ... rest and relaxation you think? ... well yes and no. I'm off with a few of the Mt. Perry Girls for a Retail Roadtrip. Or a Fabric Acquisition Road Trip ... if you take each Red letter what do they spell?

I'm one of those who refuse to allow retail to dictate when Christmas and Easter begins. I like to wait to do my Christmas shopping from the beginning of December and my Easter shopping a couple of weeks prior to Easter. However today I gave in and bought some of these .....

(sorry, having trouble uploading pics, will try later... can you guess what I bought?)

after all they are delish ... but I promise not to buy any more till April ... perhaps.

Also today I got the last ingredients for 'Red Delicious' so the next step is tracing and ironing, can't wait to get started.

Happy Quilting

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