Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year 2009

I hope everyone was able to celebrate the new year as they wished. We had a lovely evening with family and friends enjoying the cool night air by our local river.

After several days of almost 40 degree C and reaching 40+ on New Years Eve Day, today we have been taking advantage of much cooler temps and showery weather since 4am this morning. What a relief! I don't care at all that I have a pile of washing; I have a dryer for the important items and the rest can wait.
Needles to say, there has been no sewing at all, just too hot! I have one more quilt to show for Finn's challenge which I was going to photograph today but that will have to wait. I've started on my shopping (fabric) list for a trip next week and have many plans for projects as well as good intentions of finishing those things on my WIP list and ?? list as part of the Get It Done Challenge for 2009.

My turn again to PIF.
I took part last year and enjoyed making new friends so after some careful consideration of 'am I trying to do too much already' I decided to play along with Daisy Quilts. After all, I have 365 days and lots of ideas. So if there are 3 lovely new or existing friends out there who would like to join ...
... here are the rules and I'd love to have a comment from you.

I will make you a handmade gift and send your gift to you within a year.

By joining up, you are agreeing to PIF with 3 others as well...

This means you will put the logo on your site and ask 3 people to play with you and make them all a handmade gift....and so it goes!

If you would like to PIF with me, please leave a comment.
Wishing you all lots of sewing time in 2009.


Vivien said...


I would like to be part of PIF. I will copy and paste the info from your blog onto mine.

I am at

Love your blog,

Smiles Viv

Vivien said...


Could you please tell me how I get the logo for the PIF onto my site? I have tried lots of ways but cannot seem to make it work.

My emails is

Thanks you

Viv :)

Julie said...

so glad you finally got some rain narelle!

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