Sunday, May 24, 2009

Me Time

It's 6.30am ... breakfast is over and the dishes are done ... lunches are cut and the family have gone working for the day ... what's a girl to do.
Jump on the computer of course.
I had the loveliest day out yesterday. Only your best buddy would pick you up off the side of the road just as the sun was rising, to have you visit for the day. What was I doing on the side of the road? DH dropped me off on his way past and Kerry drove out to pick me up and the sun was just rising over the mountain.
We had a great day... out for morning tea and lunch ... viewed many quilts and patchwork items ... and then home for some stitchery and fabric cutting. Thanks Kerry, I really enjoyed the day.
So now I have the whole day ahead of me and I intend to make the most of it ... patchworking. I have several items on my agenda, some with deadlines and some ongoing, so I'm off.
Coffee first, lol. Maybe another post later today with progress photos, who knows.


Julia said...

Like you Narelle, breakfast done by 6.30...a whole day to do what I fancy..sewing, I think most likely.
have agreat day!
Julia ♥

Catherine said...

HAve a gret day Narelle...Lucky thing...looking forward to seeing your update later today!! Cathy

chook said...

oh Have fun sewing I will check back later for an update
I am doing the washing BOO HOO
oh well someone has to do it
hugs Beth

clare's craftroom said...

Narelle , that sounds like you had a dream day yesterday especially with such a nice friend . Have a great day , looking forward to your progress reports .

Jenny of Elefantz said...

What a great day, and what a friend!! Those are the days we treasure. :-)

Robyn said...

I was gonna say what Clare said... sounds like a dream day!!
Wooohoo good friends and girly fun!!
What more can a girl want? *grin*

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