Sunday, May 17, 2009

Surprise! Surprise!

Saturday was full of surprises. The first being that I finished the T-block quilt. I've named it 'Double Choc' as it reminds me of a block of white chocolate with milk chocolate swirls.

Of course put a quilt down and a cat will always appear .
Next is a close-up of the two cream fabrics used.

This log cabin quilt I finished in early March is 'Toffee Bon Bon'.

Both quilts were gifted last night at my brothers surprise "Big O" birthday party, and a big surprise it was too. He had no idea. 'Toffee Bon Bon' is his and 'Double Choc' is for my SIL who also celebrated her "Big O" with a surprise party earlier in the year. So I was able to deliver his and hers gifts.
These pelicans winged their way to me for our April 'At the beach' Postcard Swap. So clever and well done. I'm loving them.

In keeping with surprises, my May postcard has also arrived. The theme for May is 'Stitchery' or 'Red Work'. Isn't it the cutest little quilt draped over a post and rail fence.

I'm tracing some designs today ready for lots of stitching at night. And next quilt off the starting blocks will be another log cabin, this time for our bed. Off to find the fabrics, I think I still need to purchase one more so need to sort that out.
Happy Stitching


Julie said...

Gorgeous gifts, the new owners are very lucky.

Chookyblue...... said...

lovely gifts..........always great to have some finishes...........

Scottish Nanna said...

What lovely gifts to get.I bet they will enjoy them for years to come.Nice stitchery.
Hugs Mary.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Love how your sweet tooth runs over into your sewing! Is there a licorice allsorts or jelly baby in the making? :-)

Julia said...

Oh Yum!
Just gorgeous Narelle..great finish!
Julia ♥

Maree said...

Both are Beautiful the names they have...Great Gifts.

Golden Years Gal said...

I love the double chocolate. Looks like chocolate to me also.
Bought some "sweet tooth" (cupcake) fabric this past week. Hope to use it as a table runner for my youngest grandchildren.
Applause, applause on your beautiful quilts, nice work!

Angela said...

I love your T quilt! Your colors on that are fantastic!

maisy and the boys said...

Love your double choc quilt, the browns look really lovely.

Helz said...

Really Liking Double Choc Narelle most effective...

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