Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wonky House 3

I'm slowly building my homes ... wonky homes that is.

Here's number 3 complete, one to go. Have you seen what other clever girls have done with their houses? Visit Elefantz for the links and check them out.
While you're skipping around blogland, pop over to Kerry's place and read all about her giveaway to celebrate her first year and 50 posts.
Happy Stitching


Scottish Nanna said...

Narelle thanks For the comment on my blog.
hugs Mary.

Francien said...

Narelle, I love this stitchery and your creations...I am not much of a patchworker/quilter anymore because of my ache fingers and it takes "forever"to finish something but I still try..and I love to see the creations of the women/men that if you dont mind I become a follower of your blog ..
greetings Francien.

clare's craftroom said...

My house is wonky too and I haven't even stitched mine , lol !
Yours looks great .

Anonymous said...

Love the house, still have mine to finish off. xxx

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Love the colours you've chosen, Narelle! :-)

Angela said...

I love the colors you are stitching these in!

Myra said...

Another lovely wonky house! 8-)

Love your Double Choc Narelle!!! It is different than the other T-block quilts I've seen. I like this layout!
Great fabrics!

Love the fabrics in your Toffee Bon Bon! Awesome! 8-)

Great postcards!

Happy stitchings!

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