Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bedtime Bears and Bugs for Billy

My newest great nephew arrived in October and is now in possession of his very own shaggy quilt.

Cuddly bears ready for bed and the large white clouds glow in the dark.

I used the remaining blue check squares for a pattern on the reversible back ...

and found some cute butterfly/bugs fabric to finish it off ... just right for a little boy.

Sleep tight sweet baby boy.


Scottish Nanna said...

Hi Narelle your quilt is lovely lucky baby it looks so soft and cuddley.
Hugs Mary.

ozjane said...

Baby quilts are so special
That one is lovely.

Julie said...

adorable narelle. i too made a shaggy quilt for my baby nephew. i think it's something for them to treasure as they get older.mind you, it's really hard to imagine them snuggling under a shaggy quilt right now isn't it? LOL

Janey said...

What a wonderful gift, the quilt is beautiful. hugs xxx

Joy said...

It's gorgeous Narelle!!! I bet he'll just love it :o)!!
Joy :o)

Julia said...

It's gorgeous Narelle!!! looks all lovely and cuddly. just like a baby!
Julia ♥

Myra said...

Wonderful rag quilt for Billy there Narelle! 8-)

Gloria J W said...

Great quilt Narelle....loved the colours!
Merry Christmas... and Rainbow smiles.. Gloria

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