Saturday, March 6, 2010

Dawn Hay Tote Bag

Dawn has made this beautiful Tote Bag and would like to sell 1000 patterns to help the Baseco people.
So lets help Dawn sell 1000 patterns and this is what a difference it will make: 10 new homes or medicine for 1000 children. Or Emegency relief kits, or Emergency medical kits... the list goes on.

Would you like to make one?


Valentina said...

Thank you for sharing the chance to make a difference, Narelle!

Khris said...

A wonderful cause....I will buy one off Dawn when I see her Tuesday...hugs Khris

Dawn said...

Thanks for blogging about the bag...can't wait to see them finished... oh Kris may have just the right fabric for you too...LOL.... Hugs and Blessings Dawn x x x

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