Sunday, March 7, 2010

Great Weather For ....

these guys.

Nine little Whistler Ducks sitting high and dry;
Quick take a photo, before they decide to fly!

You may have to click on the photo to see them better.


chook said...

oh Narelle looks very wet up your way
it has been raining on and of all day here
hugs Beth

Julie said...

adorable little things they are. our dams are covered with them. so lovely to watch.
still raining up there? it's stopped here, although only temporarily.

Joy said...

What a great pic Narelle ... it's been a bit soggy lately hasn't it!!?!
Joy :o)

marina said...

Maybe they are discussing how lucky they are they didn't fly to Melbourne?
I spoke too soon about being jealous of all your rain!
Boy was someone listening up there.

Terry said...

Love the ducks! Are you still flooded in?

QLD Piecemakers said...

Hi Narelle

I have my friend here teaching me the blog. Have just posted a new one today.

Hope you are not too wet.

Love Shirley - Brisbane CWA

Sandra Henderson said...

Glad to know you have lots of wildlife where you live as well! ADORABLE little birds! :)
and I love the gate!

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