Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Nights and Home Sweet Home

Gosh I'm just scraping in for Friday Night Sew-In ... tonight! (in Aus). I've just popped over to Heidi's and signed up so if you're like me and leaving it till the last minute head on over quickly.
Block 3 of 'Home Sweet Home' was posted by Paula on Wednesday my time so I got straight to it and finished the sweet letter 'M'. You can click on the button on my right sidebar to read more about this lovely little BOM.

My blogging, visiting and commenting has been limited by a failing computer ... suppose that means I should be getting more sewing done?


Anonymous said...

lovely block Narelle

Marg H said...

I'm about to start sewing. Signed in a few days ago, but still last minute to get started!! I'm going to work on the Home Sweet Home blocks - they are so cute. I'm doing an applique version as well as the stitchery - what happened to my undertaking of not starting anything new until.... you know how it goes?

Myra said...

A lovely block Narelle! I would like to do a Friday Night Sew-In at some point! I had an all weekend one with my friends at a retreat. Great fun!! 8-)

Anonymous said...

Narelle what a lovely block,well done

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