Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Easter

Wishing all a Happy and safe Easter

Please excuse me if I don't comment or reply to your lovely comments for a bit ... my failing computer can't handle it :(


Jeanette said...

Happy Easter Narelle. I'll be a bit late posting the Christmas items. Going away for a few days. Happy Stitching,

Val said...

Happy Easter :)

Marg H said...

Happy Easter, Narelle. We're enjoying the beautiful weather and I'm loving the chance to sew to my heart's content. I've started the book you sent me, but it is taking second place to the chance to see. Saw the most beautiful hexagon quilt at The Quilters Shack in Bundy - inspired me to sew on ... Have a lovely Easter.

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Happy Easter, Narelle.

Carolyn :)

Myra said...

Happy Easter to you Narelle!

No pressure with blogging, visits, responses... I've learned "blogging without obligation" keeps my sanity in check! LOL!

Hop you are able to sort out your comp issues in good time... 8-)

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