Thursday, July 31, 2008

As July Comes To An End

Yes, July is almost over and I have just a little more hand sewing to complete. Here's a couple of photos of my chenille bag showing each side.

And after much thought I have my list of award recipients down to seven. Not an easy task I can tell you. I could easily keep adding to my list of wonderful, talented bloggers.
The rules for receiving this Award are :
1) Put the Logo on your Blog.
2) Add a Link to the person who awarded you.
3) Nominate 7 other Blogs.
4) Add Links to those Blogs on Yours.
5) Leave a Message for your Nominees on their Blogs.
Andrea ~ Welsh Quilter
Awww!! I would love to add some more.
I've also come across a couple of beaut giveaways, see Lila @ Lila Tueller Designs and May @ Abyquilt.
Right, I'm off to make a cup of milo and finish that stitching.
Quilting Wishes


Jo Jo said...

Thankyou so very much for thinking of my blog for an award. My first one...I will gratefully accept. Thanks so very much. Jo x

Gina said...

thank you so much. I'm a bit behind with my blog reading I'm sorry.

Love and hugs gina xxx

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