Sunday, July 6, 2008

Summer Swap Peak and Flowers

I'm back and faster than ever. Sadly my old computer was just TOO old and there was nothing that could be done for it so I had to juggle the budget and buy a new tower. I'm still using my old monitor, speakers etc.

Here's just a little sneak peak at my summer swap quilt. I'm currently doing some embroidery on it and then it's ready to sandwich and quilt.

I've also completed the top for project 1 and ready to sandwich and quilt. Today I plan to get the binding on the rest of the mug mats ready for some hand sewing at night so everything is coming along for finish 5 by end July. More work on the chenille bag is scheduled for Friday (fingers crossed).

You can tell that I'm one of those who have multiple projects on the go all at once instead of completeing one and then going on.

This photo was taken on my mobile phone. One of my mother's pride and joys, bougainvillea. She has a row of pots with different coloured flowers.

It's another cold and blustery day today with showers, perfect for staying indoors and sewing.

Quilting Wishes

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Scottish Nanna said...

Hi Narelle Like the quilt you are doing And your mums Flowers are nice Thev are better in pots as they have lots of thorns on them.
Hugs Mary.

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