Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Finally Something Finished

I've done it! I've actually finished something, or somethings. Here's to the first of my challenge items for Peg's finish 5 by the end of July. They're only small but there was four of them.

I'll be posting photos of them tomorrow along with a small giveaway. Yes, I have reached a milestone. It occured to me the other day that I began by blog back in July last year, the 10th to be exact was my first entry.

Tomorrow being the 10th of July, I'm going to give away two of my mug mats to one lucky reader. So I hope you'll come back then to have a look see and maybe add a comment to enter.

DD has been home from Uni on holidays and has been working on a cross stitch. Today she decided to do some more sewing on her patchwork table runner she started, I won't say when.

Good or bad, she takes after me in having a few projects on the go at once. She also has a hand embroidery piece on the go and a scrappy block number that will become a large cushion cover. And a wall hanging waiting to be sandwiched and quilted.

Lucky for hubby and I, she also loves to try out new recipes and has been keeping our sweet teeth satisfied.

My Mum and Dad are visiting for a few days, bad timing with the cold snap upon us. Good for spending the days in the lounge in front of the heater with our crafts. Last time I visited them I took some photos of some of mum's crocheted rugs so when I get them from my phone to the computer, I'll share them too.
Quilting Wishes,


chook said...

good on you for the finishes
I have done 2 dolls and an apron this month but I am not doing pegs challenge LOL
I hope you are keeping warm hugs Beth

loulee1 said...

Challanges are good for ensuring finishes. Maybe you should challange DD?

Scottish Nanna said...

Ihope no one challenges me to do anything it would never get done I am always all over the place Im glad your daughter does cross stitch I like doing it to. I hope your visit from family is nice.
Hugs Mary.

Jo Jo said...

you are on a roll!! Good on you!! Jo x

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Congratulations Narelle your table runner is just lovely...

Mt Perry Quilters said...

Hi Narelle
Its exciting to look back at where I shoved us.
See you at patchwork I hope

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